Oceanside Ca. Fish Food

The local fishermen and women in Oceanside Ca would probably describe the fishing here as minimal or maybe no real variety.  However, as a spearfisherman and cook I would say it’s quite robust.

Having to go into the elements to catch fish and the local seafood I experience quite an array of potential cuisine.  Here are a few of my favorites…

– Sheephead: Known in the spearfishing world as “Goats”.  They males have large black and red stripes and the females are pinkish red.


Oddly enough when a large male is killed the next largest female will become the dominant male…it’s called

Sequential hermaphroditism

These fish are great for cevichi, and fish tacos.  It is a very white super flaky meat that literally falls apart while cooking.  It is not recommended to grill this fish.

– Halibut:  Known in the spearfishing world as “Butts”.  Most people know this species.  They are in the flounder family and are quite ugly.  It’s a bottom dwelling flat fish with two eyes on one side of it’s head and dog-like teeth.  But mmmmmm!  They are delicious.  The great thing is that they are mostly meat so you get allot from one fish.


These fish are great for the grill (Teriyaki style steaks), or seared with some lemon butter and capers (LOVE capers!), or if you are willing to do the work fresh Sushi.

– Spotfin Croaker: Known in the spearfishing world as “Croaker” (I know it’s not real creative):  This fish is a shiny silver/gray  with a black spot behind its pectoral fin.  They are called “Croakers” because the make this “croaking” noise used to communicate.


These fish are a great pan fry fish.  They serve up very nice filet style with honey sweeten’d Sriracha and chives, or go basic with fresh garlic & butter, but always add some cilantro (Goes with almost everything except ice cream).

Any of these dishes go great with some fresh local produce from my Fallbrook gardens.  Pair them with a lemon/mayo cucumber and apple salad with fresh mint, or a fresh spinach, raspberry, and avocado salad with home made strawberry vinaigrette dressing.

Stay tuned for my next post on potential cuisine…Oceanside Food Guy

– Bruce Boyd –


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