Shark Food – Eat or Not to Eat?

What is a Spero to do when faced with a 6 foot Mako shark and a table full of hungry Family & Friends…Short-finned Mako Shark, California

Well let me just say there are 2 options.

1 –  Turn tail and swim as fast as you can back to the boat, and have a sandwich.

2 –  Take aim, shoot, go for an incredible ride, and then wow and surprise your guests with fresh wild caught meat provided by the All-Mighty.

mako - steak

I know what many of you may be saying…What about all that “shark fin” news, and the fact that shark populations have been declining sense the beginning of time?  Let me just make a few comments and then I encourrage the onslaught of comments and finger waggings.

Justification #1:  Spearfishermen take but maybe 1 of these every year…if that.  We have to see them, stalk them, and them spear and land them.  Let’s just say that these opportunities do not happen often.  Maybe turn the scold attention to the commercial fishermen and the Shark Fin guys (Shark Fishing Facts).  My point is don’t hate the guy (or gal) that puts one on the table for sustenance.  Go after the real contributors to the decline.

Justification #2: If it’s com’n at me…I’m going to shoot it.  shark-joke

Sorry, but there is a reason why we are top of the food chain.  It’s eat or be eat’n.  I realize that I’m putting myself in their environment but some of you Darwinists would argue that I came from the Oceans and therefore I have a right to hunt there?  (I know this one’s kind of flimsy so just go back to J#1)

Now to the Potential Cuisine…

Mako shark steaks are a beautiful piece of meat.  Firm, light in color and hold flavors quite well.

This cut of fish, in my opinion is best for two types of cooking.

On The Grill

Marinade in in one of the following…

– Italian dressing

– Sesame oil, soy sauce, honey, and ginger

– olive oil, brown sugar, garlic, cumin, salt

– butter, garlic salt, black pepper, cilantro (goes on everything)

Seafood Stew (aka Cioppino)

With the right kind of spices

and accenting additional seafood (clams & shrimp)


make sure you add lots of fresh organic tomato’s, parsley,

& cilantro

(You can find many different versions of the recipe online)

To all my followers…Enjoy your day, your family & friends, and every meal.

– Cheers-

Chief B. Boyd



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