Nuclear Seafood?

Thank you,

May I have another serving of GMO’s, PCB’s, Pesticides, and now add Radioactive Seafood.

What are we to Eat… or not Eat?  

Here is the Good, the Bad, and even the Ugly (Who even knows that reference?) to the Nuclear Seafood Debate.

So here is the Good:

the good 4

These sites all tell a tail of warm fuzzy non-glowing fishies.  They give lots of numbers and charts that say that the radiation scare is on the down fall and we all should just run sunscreen-naked in the sun and frolic in the crisp clean Pacific Ocean waves of plenty.

Positive Results:

Don’t Panic:

Not Contaminated:

Here is the Bad:

the bad

All These sites claim that the world is going to “Hell in a Hand-basket”!  (I just wanted to say that…it’s just funny to say.)  They all desperately tout the inevitable and rapid decline of the Pacific Ocean and all those that live in, on, or around will surely parish with a nasty case of radiation sickness.

Signs west coast is contaminated:

Video- Don’t eat Pacific Seafood:


and this is the Ugly:

radioactive fish2

There might be a bunch of things going on here?  Climate change, warm waters, contaminants leaked from God knows where so let’s just say these reports are freaky to say the least.  But honestly I wouldn’t mind having a radioactive mutation that gives me gills?  What’s your mutant Power?

West Coast Polar Bear & Pinniped hair loss

Map of regular Ocean radiation:

It is so difficult to sift through lies, and deceit, and even the dedicated conspiracy theories.  So you decide what you want to believe!  Here’s what I think about the radioactive seafood issue…I love seafood.  I’m probably going to eat it even if I know it’s a bit contaminated.  Now I’m not stupid, I wouldn’t eat it if it had open wounds or descernable ailments.  I guess I’m a realist and figure that I can mitigate the damage of radiation by doing a juice cleanse once a quarter.  Besides I’m a firm believer that the Ocean water has healing abilities that counter act sickness.

That being said my suggestion for you today will be Microwaved Spicy Asian Yellow-tail.

You can find Yellow-tail throughout the Pacific coast.  Swimming off the kelp beds or in deeper waters near schools of bait fish or under floating kelp patty’s.

yellow spear2

This recipe should give you your USDA daily recommended amount of radiation, even if you hand raised your fish from a baby, in reverse-osmosis water tank, and fed it organic sardines from a breeder at Monterrey Bay Aquarium.

It’s simple.

Step One: Take two nice fillets of fresh Pacific Coast Yellow Tail, baste with a light coat of olive oil, salt, pepper, sesame seeds, and lemon juice squeezed generously over the fish.  Put them in a microwaveable bowl and cover with a towel, and cook on Medium temp for about 5-8 minutes.  Check periodically to see if the meat is flaky…when it’s flaky it’s ready.

yellow fillet

Step Two: In a small sauce pan add the juice of one whole lemon, a few squirts of Sriracha, a couple dashes of soy sauce, a couple teaspoons of brown sugar, garlic salt, a couple table spoons of mayonnaise, and some salt and pepper.  Heat this until it’s mixed well and warm.

Step Three: Put fish on plate, pour sauce on fish, add some cilantro (love this stuff), and chives, and enjoy.

Thank you for following me and for any response you may have as long as it’s not Rude.

Enjoy the Ocean

The Oceanside Food Guy


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